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Meet the Westovers! 

First of all, we are a fun-loving family who never takes itself too seriously. Laughter is pretty much an everyday occurrence in our home! Additionally, we love spending time together outdoors, hiking, swimming, and exploring our beautiful high-desert surroundings here in Southern Oregon.  Hundreds of pristine acres surround our home. It is not unusual to have deer, jack rabbits or quail as frequent guests in our front yard.  Most of all, as an Australian Labradoodle Breeder, we feel blessed to be able to raise our puppies in such beautiful surroundings

labradoodle breeder
labradoodle breeder

My employees, 

(cleverly disguised as my family) consists of an amazingly supportive husband and four (mostly) hard-working kids.  Together, we are Daisy Hill Labradoodles!  I began breeding Labradoodles in 2006 when my youngest was eight, and my oldest was fourteen. Now, my two oldest are married and off on their own adventures. Growing up, the kids were exposed to good old fashioned puppy chores and all the responsibilities that came along.    

So why did I start breeding Labradoodles? 

I have had a dog in my life ever since I can remember. When my kids became school age, I began looking for a way to give back to the community.  I have always had an interest in therapy dog work and wanted others to experience the positive effect dogs can provide.  At the time, we had recently rescued Tawna, a Rottweiler/mix who became an excellent therapy dog as well as our official puppy nanny. When I discovered  Australian Labradoodles breeding purpose was for service and therapy work, I had a lightbulb moment and immediately knew what I had to do. The rest is history!  

I am thrilled to be a top Australian Labradoodle Breeder here in the US! I purchased my first two breeding dogs in late 2006 and immediately had Tawna and Glory (one of our foundation breeding dogs) certified in therapy work.  My youngest daughter Emilie and I visited memory care centers, nursing homes, and schools with our dogs.  It was a rewarding time.  Since then, many of our puppies have been successfully trained to be therapy or service dogs.  

labradoodle breeder

labradoodle breeder
labradoodle breeder

I truly love what I do!

As a labradoodle breeder, nothing makes me happier than to raise beautiful, healthy puppies and place them in deserving homes.  


Daisy Hill News

Australian Labradoodle Puppies

March 20th, 2017

Upcoming Litters

Upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 litters reservation lists are almost full! Visit our Upcoming Litters page for more information.

3 weeks ago

Just an FYI, our website may be down for the next 24 hours for a migration. I apoligise in advance for the inconvenience.

3 weeks ago

New toys for the babies!

3 weeks ago
Photos from Daisy Hill Australian Labradoodles's post

We are looking for a guardian home for the puppy we choose out of Zola's current litter. These pups are stunning and super sweet. You must live in the Klamath Falls are to qualify for our guardian ... See more