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Australain Labradoodle breeder

What you can expect from us.

First and foremost we love Labradoodles!

I have been involved with dogs my entire life and I share this passion with my family. It is definitely a group effort. As an Australian Labradoodle breeder, we only breed Labradoodles that are vet-approved. Our Australian Labradoodles have excellent temperaments and come from healthy, top-quality bloodlines that include appropriate health testing (listed below). We will only breed what we can reasonably handle. This way you are assured that your Labradoodle puppy is getting the attention and socialization he/she needs. We spend a lot of time observing each puppy’s individual personality so we can place him or her in the best home. Since the Australian Labradoodle is a developing breed, it is imperative that as an Australian Labradoodle breeder, we continue to do everything we can to improve the breed. Understanding genetics and common breed ailments helps us to further the breeds progress. Appropriate health tests are performed on all of our Labradoodles before they are cleared for breeding.

Peace of Mind…..

Since we are approved ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of American) breeders, we are held to a strict code of ethics and comprehensive health testing guidelines.  We are required to register all of our breeding dogs and litters with the ALAA. We are also required to submit all health testing and periodically renew certain health tests

Our ethics as breeders are as follows:

All of our breeding Australian Labradoodles will be of good health and temperament.


Both parent dogs will have a minimum of:

  • Hip clearance by OFA and/or Dr. Wallace
  • OFA elbow clearance
  • CAER eye exam every 18 months.
  • PRA
  • vWD
  • Patellas
  • Cardiac (exam by auscultation)
  • DM (unless via parentage) beginning mid 2016
  • EIC (unless via parentage) beginning mid 2016
Australian Labradoodle Breeder

Accurate and thorough records are kept on all of our breeding stock and all our puppies.

I happen to be the developer and designer of the popular dog breeding management software, BreederZOO.

We are not a kennel-based facility. 

All of our breeding Australian Labradoodles live in approved guardian homes. We have two retired Labradoodles as our personal pets. It’s important to us that all of our breeding dogs enjoy a regular family life.  All of the puppies are raised at our home with their mothers in a clean, interactive and loving environment.

Training and Socialization is a vital part of our program,

and our entire family is part of this process. Our puppies are exposed to many stimuli in our home. Many of our guardian home families visit and help socialize our puppies. Each puppy receives individual training and socialization from the time they are born. 

We welcome and encourage any questions.

It is important to us that you are well-informed before, during, and after the adoption process. Even though adopting a puppy is a joyous event, a puppy is a big responsibility and can be challenging at times. We want our new puppy families to be comfortable with their decision. 

Daisy Hill News

Australian Labradoodle Puppies

June 23rd, 2017

Accepting reservations.

 Now accepting reservations for our Fall/Winter 2017 litters. Please visit our Upcoming Litters page for more info.

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Looking for 2 Guardian Homes in the Klamath Falls area. Ready to go home just in time for summer!

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Puppies will sleep anywhere!

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