How We Raise Our Puppies

Welcome to Daisy Hill Labradoodles!  We are a home-based facility.  All of our Australian Labradoodle puppies are raised in our home every step of the way.  Below is a little about how we make the magic.

Welcome to our home!

We are surrounded by hundreds of untouched acres. We truly appreciate the peaceful serenity of our location. We have the most amazing views of Mt. Shasta and breathtaking sunsets. You can even see a glimpse of Mt Shasta off to the left of the photograph!

Our Home

Newborn Litter In Our Bedroom

All of our breeding males and females live in approved guardian homes

We do not run a kennel. Our dogs enjoy a normal life in a regular family setting. When a female is ready to have her puppies, her guardian family will bring her to our home to deliver the litter.  All of our puppies are born in my bedroom away from any disturbances. This way we are able to give mom the privacy she needs, and can keep a close eye on her and her babies. The puppies stay in our room for about 2-3 weeks.

On the move!

When the pups are about three weeks of age and mom is more comfortable having others around them, we move the puppies from our bedroom to the main living area.  By then, their eyes and ears are open and have begun to explore their surroundings.  It is important that they are introduced to everyday house sounds and activities such as a dishwasher, vacuum, piano, laughter, etc.  At three weeks of age, they begin solid food (puppy mush), and we start the very early stages of potty training.  We also introduce toys.  The puppies stay in this area until they are about five weeks of age.  

Eve's and Cruz's pup are 4 weeks old and exploring their new world! Happy puppies!

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4 Weeks Of Age In The Main Living Area

Our Resident Puppy Nanny

Our sweet Tawna passed away a few months ago at age 13.   She was and always will be a part of the Daisy Hill Family.  She is so incredibly missed.

Five weeks of age

By this time, the puppies have outgrown their 4X4′  whelping box and need more intensive socialization and stimuli. This is when we move them to our weaning area located on the lower level of our home.  This large 700 sq area is completely set up for older puppies. It is puppy heaven! The area is full of toys, socialization aids, music, and an indoor/outdoor play area.  The puppies are fully supervised when outdoors. 

Teenager’s Idea Of Playing With Puppies

Outdoor Puppy Play Yard

Socialization Adventure Box

Daisy Hill News

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