Puppy Proofing Tips

One of the most important things you should do before your Australian Labradoodle puppy comes home is to make your home and property safe for your puppy. Below are a few suggestions on puppy-proofing your home. Click here for a complete list.

  • Get on your puppy’s level. Lay on the floor and get a “puppy’s view” of your home. You will see first hand what they might discover.


  • Protect your puppy from any toxic plants (I send home a list).


  • Move trash cans out of reach of your puppy. Items like sanitary supplies and razors can be hazardous.


  • Look for any drowning hazards. Full buckets, bathtubs. keep toilet seats down.


  • Move all cleaning supplies and medications up and away.


  • Secure and elevate electrical cords. Puppies love to chew on electric cords. Electrical cords can cause burns in the mouth. You can buy cord concealers, use PVC pipe or cable wrap to eliminate the hazard.


  • Be aware of poisonous human foods (I send home a list).


  • Falling risks. Be careful not to leave your puppy unattended on a bed, couch, etc. They can easily injure themselves falling. Secure stairs with a baby gate.


  • Elevate and secure cords for draperies and blinds. They are a strangulation risk!

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March 20th, 2017

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Upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 litters reservation lists are almost full! Visit our Upcoming Litters page for more information.

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