Puppy Praises

Below are puppies praises from some of our fantastic Australian Labradoodle puppy parents! We are extremely proud of our Australian Labradoodles puppies.  Searching for the right Australian Labradoodle breeder can be a daunting task.  As Australian Labradoodle breeders, we feel so blessed to have wonderful puppy families.  We love hearing from our puppy families throughout the life of the dog.  We consider every single puppy we have ever produced as a valuable family member, even after they go home.  

“Hope you are doing great!  We just love our baby Stephanie.  I wanted to tell you many times, but now I am.  She is absolutely amazing.  Cutest cute, and brilliant.  Very well behaved little girl too.  I Really feel like I have a 3-year-old, not a puppy.  She is sooooooo smart.  Cutest girl ever.  She’s very mini still too!  Smaller than her mom I think… do you think she will grow much more?  Her birthday is July 3.  Thanks again for everything.  You are really very great at raising Labradoodles.  Best dogs out there, and yours are the best!”


Warmest Aloha, Nicole

“I wanted to give an update on how Westley is doing. He leaves me to move in with Robin on Thursday. 🙁 We will miss him! He has a great coat, non-shed and easy to groom. He loves to be brushed, just lays there and sleeps while I brush him. He is totally fine with the clippers and the scissors when I need to use them. He is great when it is bath time, he stands in the bath until I say it’s ok to get out. He is good with the blow dryer. He loves to go in the car; I say “car” and he jumps right in. He likes to look out the window as we drive but always stays where he is supposed to. He watches people and other dogs and doesn’t make a sound, not a whimper or a bark ever comes out of him! Other dogs could be barking and lunging at him, and he just looks the other way. He loves everyone he meets, never growls, barks, or pulls away from ANYONE! He loves the attention so much when we are out in public that if he hears someone saying “awwww” or a “how cute” he immediately looks at them, wanting love. We had to stop allowing people to pet him because he loves it too much and that’s when he thought he was going out into public to do. Lol, He retrieves the items that I drop or ask for him to pick up for me 100% of the time. He loves to retrieve which is great because that is what Robin needs him to do most. He heels next to me perfectly! He rarely pulls, he is so easy to take places. He lays under the table quietly during each meal. He doesn’t beg for food. He has been to Disneyland a couple of times, and he is great with the crowds of people and being out and about all day long. Once we even had to have him wear little boots (because it was so hot), he did great, kept them on the entire time. He goes on the rides that he is allowed to go on and listens perfectly! He is not afraid of any of the characters. He sleeps in his crate every night without a sound. He potties on command and NEVER has accidents in the house! He is great with the leave it command. Even when my daughter (1-year-old) tries to get him to eat her snacks, if I told him to leave it he does. She can pretty much put them in his mouth, and he will refuse it! He NEVER takes anything out of her hands. If she drops something, he will run over and pick it up and bring it to me. He lets her climb all over him and doesn’t care at all.

We really love Westley, and it is going to be very difficult to see him go, but I know he is going to do an awesome job with Robin, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Thank you again for the awesome puppies that you produce out of your breeding program! They truly are worth every penny!”


Tricia (Service Dog Trainer)

Jessie is doing great.  Over the last couple of months we have been working with Midnight Sun Service Dogs here in Anchorage  (they have a Facebook page and are always posting pictures if you want to follow us).  It is a non-profit that we learned about from one of my husbands employees.  We meet for 1 hour every Sunday to train and then have 2 to 3 different training opportunities out in public each week.  We started this week with Chandler holding a second leash working on Jessie keeping pace with Chandler and stopping when Chandler stops.  They are both doing great.  The trainer said that Jessie knows that his job is with Chandler.  He has been such as joy for all of us and is a truly loved member of our family.  I have given your name and contact info to others as everyone loves Jessie.


Lisa - Alaska

“Just wanted to update you on Groover.  He is doing Awesome.  I cannot tell you how much we love and adore him.  Everyone that meets Groover falls in love instantly.  He is truly a joy to our family. Groover celebrated his first Thanksgiving by going with us to the cabin in Flagstaff (Northern Arizona).  He loved the snow, and he would dive into it, taste it and roll in it and he really loved going sledding with the children.  He would run alongside them and then jump onto the sleds as they were going down the hill.  He really had a blast, and then he would come inside and sleep by the fireplace. Thank you so much for providing us with so much happiness Christy”


Tracy - Arizona

“I just wanted to send you a little update on our most beautiful puppy PIPER. She is so adorable, we couldn’t love her more. I can’t tell you how often people stop me no matter where we are asking what type of dog, to where is she from, to she’s so gorgeous and soft and sweet. You might be getting a lot of inquiries from this area. Everyone loves her and I give you the breeder all the credit. I make sure they know she’s from Daisy hill in Oregon and not the one in WA. I know the training I do with her has been so great in helping her be a well mannered puppy too.

Christy, she is a very special little girl. She fulfills all I wanted in a companion dog. I love her so much. In fact she has been so good for all of us. My 16yr old Sebastian is like a boy with his dog, plays with her and loves her to pieces. He gives her raspberries on her belly and she loves it. My overworked husband finds so much joy in her. It’s wonderful to see that she makes him so relaxed.
Currently she is around 15lbs. She’s growing like a weed. She has the most beautiful colouring which everyone compliments on.
She is well behaved and super sweet.
She is given the best of everything. Oh to be a well loved dog.
I feel so blessed to have her”



Karen - Washington

“I can not thank you enough for such a great dog!  I wake up every morning and can’t wait to go downstairs for my ‘Happy Harley’ greeting.  When I take him out of his crate, he immediately breaks into his daily doodle dance and smothers me with kisses! I wanted to let you know that Harley graduates from his first obedience class next week.  He knows all the basic commands – sit, stay, watch me, drop it, come, wait and leave it (yes, with everything!).  In fact, he mastered all of the basic commands so easily that the trainer moved him to advanced tasks (3+ minute stays, staying in a ‘stand’ position, stays with distractions, etc.) and he’s nearly mastered those too.  Last night, he remained in a Stay position even when I walked out of his sight into another room.  Not bad for a puppy who is barely 6 months old!  The trainer said he’s a natural for Therapy work. But best of all, Harley is a dear, sweet boy who adores everyone – kids, adults, dogs, if they breathe, he loves them.  One of the things I love about Harley is that he is very sensitive and wants to comfort, anyone who is hurting.  I think I told you that he ran to make sure I was okay when I whimpered after stubbing my foot on the coffee table.  He always stops what he’s doing and watches me when I sneeze or cough too.  I can hear his little mind thinking something like “Just making sure you’re okay, Mom.” Harley is a love and I can’t imagine life without him.  Thanks to you and your children for taking such good care of him until he came to me.”

Michelle - New Hampshire

“I can’t believe our Pippi Longstocking is over a year old!  I have been thinking about sending you an update for a while now and was realizing that I better get to it before she is two years old.  We love, love, love our little apricot labradoodle, and she has become such a big part of our family.  Bruce, my partner, fell deeply in love with her early on, and now the two are virtually inseparable!  I practically have to steal her away.  Our kids adore her as well, especially our daughter Pilar.  We have had great luck with her in every way.  She is extra bright, was a breeze to train, is super friendly with everyone (especially kids), is very healthy – and is so much fun to have around.  She makes us laugh every day!  (Are all of your Labradoodles as crazy for balls as she is?!)  I hope you and your family are well – and that you have a wonderful festive season!”


Paul - Oregon

“I wanted to send you a long overdue update on Nitro/Toby (we call him Toby) from Mercy and Cruz’s litter.  He’s the sweetest puppy, and everyone we meet just loves him!  He’s been great at the vet, and the instructor at our puppy classes keeps saying that he has a very laid back personality, which even though it’s very true, makes me laugh since I know how playful (and rambunctious!) he can be.  He’s always been great at sleeping in his crate at night, and he rings a bell by the door to let us know when he wants to go outside (which seemed to help with housebreaking).  He’s done well with clicker training and loves to practice (and earn rewards!).  My daughter even taught him to jump through a hula hoop one recent snowy day – he loves to jump/leap, so he’s a natural at it!  🙂   He’s quite a character!  And he definitely keeps us smiling!”


Sandy - Massachusetts

“This is Jace at 2 1/2 yrs old. He is amazing! Just over a year old he became a therapy dog. I knew when I saw him on the website and knew God had a mission for him, and I’m watching it unfold before my very eyes. Jace does all kinds of tricks including dancing. Just last week he got to go to the Jacksonville Flordia Zoo. He was the main attraction! We love him dearly!! We are thinking of getting him a brother or sister. What do you think? 
Thanks again for this wonderful little boy”



Larry - Maryland


“Gemma’s get-acquainted vet visit went well. Dr. Steve was impressed with the notebook you made–as are we.  Everything in your welcome bag is so well-thought-out and is being put to good use.  We registered her microchip, too.  We are working on puppies’ list of twelve.  OnSunday we went to a cute little neighboring town to stroll and sit in the town square. I walked Gracie, and Don held Gemma tucked inside his jacket. She was interested in everything, calm, not wiggly.  She may actually be more cuddly and less restless than Gracie was.   Outdoors (at home) however, she wants to cover new ground!  Without the leash there’s no telling where she would stop!”




Linda - California

“We are celebrating Ginger’s birthday today (Daisy & Jazzman’s “peach girl”), and I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo of her!  We couldn’t have asked for a better dog!  She is so sweet and loveable, and she can be a bit of a trouble maker but in a good way!  She loves to run and play outside but is always happy to jump in someone’s lap and cuddle.  In short, we think she is the best!  The kids had fun picking out birthday presents for her today.”




Cathleen - Connecticut

“It’s been over a year, but I just wanted to update you on how our beautiful little girl is doing. She is the happiest, healthiest little dog on the planet. She and her half brother, Doobie, are the neighborhood clowns. They bring so much joy and laughter to all who meet them. Thank you so much for creating such loves!! Here is a photo of her. She is the cutest darn thing!!!”




Karen - Connecticut


“I’ve been meaning to email you for the last while to give you a Brody update, but life has been busy! Brody is so stinking cute, and probably a little spoiled.  We just love him, and he’s got the perfect personality for our family.  When we come home, he literally jumps into our arms (we are still working on manners), and gives the cutest hugs.  I’m serious, hugs.  He wraps his frontless around our neck and puts his head on our shoulder.  It’s the funniest thing, and his tail wags so fast you would think it was going to fall off! Your puppy training was amazing.  For the first few months, he used his litter box, but now he doesn’t need it and can wait until we get home.  He has been easy to take on walks, and everywhere we go he gets a ton of attention.  Everyone loves him and when we do need to be gone for the day he loves playing with his friends at Reynolds Kennels.  The owner says he has lots of confidence and just wants to play and play with the other dogs. Brody definitely thinks he’s a person.  On the day I took this picture I was looking around for him and I found him on my bed taking a nap.  He still sleeps in his crate next to me, but my husband is a huge softie, and if I don’t get into bed before he does, Brody will have happily taken my spot.  He has the perfect personality for our family, and we love him!”




Tara - Oregon

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